Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro

Mixvibes is a French technology company which built its name on their Digital Vinyl System software (MixVibes DVS) in 2003, a Timecode format and of course their Mixvibes DJ software. Recently though, they have moved into the hardware market too, hence the Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro DJ controller on review here. Notably this also includes their new Cross DJ software – boasting a revamped GUI and professional DJ features. Both the controller and the software each won an award at the Mixmove Tech Wards in 2011 for “best DJ controller under 600€” and “best DJ software,” respectively.

Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro

Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro


Functional and feature packed without the need for flash…

The U-Mix comes in two models, namely the U-Mix Control 2 – simply a DJ controller sans audio interface and the U-Mix Control Pro which features a 2 In / 2 Out Stereo integrated soundcard. Both units are otherwise identical except the Control 2 is packaged with Cross DJ LE and Control Pro with Cross DJ – the full software, one tier beneath the company’s flagship DJ application simply called Cross. The main difference between Cross DJ & Cross is primarily the Timecode features and multiple routing modes.

Anatomy of the Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro

The U-Mix Control Pro is a relatively small unit which will please DJs who travel a bit as it fits neatly into a backpack with plenty space to spare. They have managed though, to include all the features you will find on a pro unit and surprisingly without it feeling like a tight squeeze. Connectivity includes 2 stereo input RCA jacks, suitable for CD or MP3 player but also includes phono on both inputs.

You also get a double set of stereo output RCAs should you wish to plug into a DJ mixer and mix of that instead of internally through the unit itself. The device is USB powered with an optional 6V DC in (PSU not supplied) which is handy if your laptop is running off batteries and you’re try to conserve juice. The front of the unit hosts the headphone socket (mini and regular) and microphone jack along with the obligatory volume, mix knobs etc. This 2-channel controller belies its size by neatly including all the ‘add-on’ features beyond basic mixing controls (3-band EQ, dual-channel sliders, cross-fader, gain knobs, browser button etc) such as 6 cue points (3 buttons toggled with a shift key), FX buttons which includes the FX On/Off which also doubles up as the FX selector knob, ‘Amount’ which controls the depth of the effect and the ‘Loop’ button which enables one to select the length of said effect in increments from 8 to 1/16th. Pressing the Loop button activates the looping feature based on the same length parameters. The jog-wheels whilst quite small are touch-sensitive and took a mere few minutes to get used to.

Cross DJ

A DJ Controller is ultimately only as good as the software it is controlling and Cross DJ, like the U-Mix controller, delivers all the essential features you can expect on a professional piece of DJ software; The FX section has 15 different effects ranging from the regular low and high-pass filters, flanger, phaser etc to a few more interesting ones such as the chopper, roll and my personal favourite the delay which seems to work like an old-school tape-delay. None are mind blowing but they do get the job done. Beat-syncing and/or beat-matching [manually] via the jog-wheels and tempo slider is very tight. Once you’re in, you’re in.

Ditto the looping and hot-cues. The track snaps to the beat so you can jump to different parts of the track comfortably knowing you’ll never be out of sync. Tempo can be controlled in 3 different ways; ‘speed’ – increasing speed of the track will also pitch the track’s key (or vice versa), ‘tempo’ – which implements a master tempo algorithm (pitch does not change) or ‘hybrid’ which kind of does something in between these 2. I’m old school and opted for the regular ‘speed’ option.

Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro - Cross DJ

Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro – Cross DJ


The U-Mix Control Pro and Cross DJ software is a very good package. Everything works seamlessly after installation and you really do get all the pro features found on the professional platforms. The unit itself punches well above its weight in terms of usability and intuitiveness. Without so much as a gander at the manual I found myself pressing the right buttons (sometimes combined with shift) – it’s all there, where it should be.

The same with the software; whilst I’m not crazy about the GUI, aesthetically, everything is really easy to find and follow and that is perhaps what impresses the most. No gimmicks, no flash, but it’s all there, feature packed and functional.

Mixvibes U-Mix Control

Price: R 1,999.00

Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro

Price: R 5,999.00

Supplier: Tradelius

Tel: (031) 502-3080


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