Gemini CDJ-600

Feature packed DJ Media player that won’t hurt your pocket

What Is It?
The Gemini CDJ-600 is an extremely well priced and versatile table top media player designed for deejaying. Although it may look like just a regular Dj CD player, it is in fact more than this as one is able to play CD’s or MP3discs and it even has a USB port for sourcing your tracks off either an external hard drive or a much more sensible and portable option – a flash disc. Despite its very keen pricing, the brains-trust at Gemini have been kind enough to ensure that when you purchase a CDJ-600 you’re not left wanting on many of the advanced features that digital players offer these days. This includes amongst others the aforementioned audio formats, a pretty sturdy anti-shock system that uses RAM buffer memory to store several seconds of the track prior to it playing – which I tested and indeed giving it a good shake and bump did not cause any skipping. The jog wheel is great. It’s big, tactile and has cool little indents along its base which come in handy when coaxing your track into sync during your mix. Ergonomically the layout is pretty familiar. I like that the USB port is in the top left corner – easy to get to but not in the way.

Who Should Own One?

The CDJ-600 is aimed squarely at entry level DJ’s. For under R 10 K you can in fact buy two CDJ-600’s and if you shop around a DJ mixer and set of headphones too. Not bad going. What’s cool about the CDJ-600 is that it will offer you a perfect stepping stone to the world of digital deejaying with the added USB feature.

The Verdict

What you get for a really keen price is a featured packed and capable DJ media player that will help you rock the party no doubt. There are one or two diosyncrasies that I would have done better, namely Tempo Shift % on the display and left and right track search buttons for fast cueing but admittedly Gemini do make up for this with a host of extra features missing on some more expensive CDJ variants. In conclusion; if you’re looking to get into deejaying and are in the market for a suitable setup that’ll offer you hours of fun, a pathway into the digital world of deejaying, hop on down to the closest store and give the CDJ-600 a whirl. It’s well worth checking out.


  • Packed with Features
  • USB connectivity for flash or portable hard drive
  • Solid and neat looking
  • Jog wheel big and feels good
  • Front loader
  • Great Price


  • Track cueing takes some getting used to
  • No Tempo Shift % on screen display

Other Gemini products available in their DJ range include;

CDJ-203 – is basically a stripped down version of the CDJ-600 with all the basic CD playing features. It does include looping features but does not have USB connectivity, play MP3’s or have scratching features.

All in one Dual CD/Media players…

CDMP-2600 – A rack mountable dual media playing unit that will play all formats and includes USB connectivity. Suitable for broadcasting facilities, and small venues looking to have a basic DJ facility available.

CDMP-6000 – This looks really interesting. It’s an all in one DJ mixing console – basically like having 2 CDJ’s and a mixer all in one. Notably it also plays MP3’s, includes a USB port and is packed with all the basic deejaying and mixing features.

CDM-3600 – Similar to the CDMP-6000; an all-in-one DJ mixing console but without USB and MP3 playing options.

Price: CDJ-600: R 3,995-00

CDMP-6000: R 6,795-00

Supplier: Audiosure

Tel: 011-790 4600 | 021-555 1617 | 031-569 9260| 051-430 4455



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