Audiocenter K-LA 28 DSP Line Array System

Audiocenter K-LA 28 DSP Active Dual 8″ 2 way Line array with DSP, 400+50w  The Audiocenter K-LA 28 DSP is the newest line array speaker from Audiocenter to be available in South Africa. The K-LA 28 DSP is designed to deliver high quality reinforcement for music and speech in a wide variety of applications including concert audio …Read More »


Hybrid Plus B12 – 12 inch Bass Reflex Subwoofer

Hybrid PlUS B12 – 12 inch Bass Reflex Subwoofer The Hybrid PLUS B12 bass bin is the latest edition to the Hybrid range of loudspeakers.  Hybrid and Hybrid PLUS are both proprietary brands from one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of sound equipment – Viva Afrika. The brand is massively popular as it combines extreme affordability …Read More »


Hybrid PLB Series – Best Choice Special Offer

Hybrid PLB Series – Tried and Tested – Special Offer The Hybrid PLB series is an evergreen range of reliable, tried and tested loudspeakers from Viva Afrika. There are 6 variants in total: 3 full range speakers and 3 bass bins. The PLB range is ideal for mobile setups, fixed installations and rental.  If you …Read More »


Hybrid Plus FT Series – New from Viva Afrika

Hybrid Plus FT Series – New from Viva Afrika Leading supplier of professional audio and DJ gear, Viva Afrika, recently announced the launch of their new FT range of loudspeakers. The Hybrid brand is the company’s own proprietary range of equipment that ranges from loudspeakers to power amps, lighting, smoke machines and accessories. Hybrid is …Read More »


Hybrid C Series Amplifiers introduced by Viva Afrika

Hybrid C Series Amplifiers introduced by Viva Afrika  Hybrid C Series Amplifiers have just been released by Viva Afrika to compete with their exceptionally popular Hybrid A Series and B Series Amplifiers. Hybrid is Viva Afrika’s own in-house proprietary brand which includes extensive loudspeaker ranges, power amplifiers, lighting & smoke machines as well as microphones, mixing desks, …Read More »

Numark NS7II

Numark NS7II DJ Controller Review – Available in SA

Numark NS7II DJ Controller Review The Numark NS7II 4-deck DJ controller is Numark’s flagship unit and until the announcement of the new Numark NV Controller, which we will of course test once it arrives in South Africa, has been regarded as their best one yet. With a range that  boasts everything from iPad controllers such as the Mixtrack …Read More »


Numark Remix Toolkit – what’s it all about?

Numark Remix Toolkit – what’s it all about? The Numark Remix Toolkit from Prime Loop was introduced in January this year  – further endorsing the belief that the future of digital DJing is all about creating your own remixes on the fly, as opposed to just good old fashioned transitioning of tracks from one to the other. …Read More »

Numark Mixtrack edge

Mixtrack Edge from Numark available in SA

The highly anticipated Numark Mixtrack Edge is set to arrive in South Africa in January. Mixtrack Edge is a USB-powered controller and is just 14 millimetres thin and can go with you anywhere with ease. Its low-profile design features an integrated cover to protect the control surface and a full array of bright backlit controls …Read More »


Numark Head to Head MIXTRACK PRO VS. N4 VS. NS6

Dave Skinz looks at three of Numark’s leading contenders in the highly competitive market of DJ controllers, from entry level, to semi-pro to professional. Mixtrack Pro This is the perfect way to kick off this review, not only because of the price point, but also from a beginner’s perspective. The Mixtrack Pro has a very simple layout and …Read More »