Keeping It Tidy

Giant beach balls fly through the air. The music pulses in the seething crowd. Sunglasses, bikinis – and happy, shiny, people. Or are they? [one_half last=”no”] I’ve said it before; all psy parties need a dark undercurrent, a sense of danger, it’s what makes them so thrilling after all. But there’s something even darker happening. …Read More »

above and beyond

Album Review: Above & Beyond – Group Therapy

<Trance House> Trance lovers worldwide have embraced the euphoric sounds of Above & Beyond. They were quite the hit when they toured here last year too. If you’re a fan of progressive euro laden trance with plenty uplifting vocals and chants this’ll no doubt be your poison of choice. Their first single off this album Sun …Read More »

above and beyond

Interview: Above & Beyond

“We like to think we appeal to people who don’t even like dance music.” The last decade was a tough one for dance music, the heady days of the 90s were over, digital had made vinyl seem burdensome and grown the potential competition exponentially, and the scene seemed to be shrinking. Only the best prospered, …Read More »