IDM talks to IONO label owner: Cubixx

Nineties German Techno DJ starts family, gives up DJing, attends trance party (Fusion, 2001) and suddenly his passion for music and DJing is reignited. Enter the world of Iono head honcho, Matthias Sperlich. Today the label stands firm as a consistent releaser of quality progressive psytrance. In July Cape Town gets to hear the full …Read More »

iono music iphone app

IONO MUSIC App now for free

The Iono Music app is hailed by its creators as a VIP all-access ticket. You can download the app right now, and for free, and find a new world filled with the music you love, whilst discovering new frontiers only one tap away. With the Iono Music app you can get all the music you …Read More »


E-Clip Live & Direct at Boom 2012

Serbian born, Marko Radovanovic, is one of the new breed of psy-progressive trance producers currently making moves on the global scene. Inspired by the solar eclipse, his alter-ego, E-Clip, takes the essence of this natural phenomenon and transforms it into music that mixes the elements of both the night and day. He first produced full-on …Read More »


Mindwave – Concept of Freedom (Iono Music)

Mindwave, aka Anton Maiko born in Russia, now calls Israel his home base. ‘Concept of Freedom’ is the third beautiful album by Mindwave. This progressive psytrance release is filled with enjoyable melodies and light pads. ‘Simple Moves’ is a track that fits in at the beginning or right at the end of a party; it …Read More »

groove attack

Groove Attack – V/A – Compiled by Liquid Soul (Iono Music)

<Progressive Trance> Groove Attack follows hot on the heels of another top progressive artist’s double album compilation put out recently, Ace Ventura’s Dance Computer. The reason why I mention Ace’s release is because in many ways Liquid Soul’s latest V/A offering reminds me a lot of the aforementioned. Aside from the obvious; they’re both mammoth …Read More »


Christiania Selection – VA compiled by Flexus – Iono Music

<Psy Progressive> No, this is not a gospel compilation. Christiania was a deserted military base in Copenhagen, Denmark where some free thinking individuals with the same mindset started their own community in 1971. They broke free from the whole idea of being governed mentally by a system we call government. It sounds like my kind …Read More »

Interview: Infinity (Greece) LIVE AT EQUINOX FESITVAL 1- 2 OCTOBER 2011

Infinity, Greece – Nick Karamalakis from Greece is the man behind the project ‘Infinity’ He is also well known from the duo Progenitor, Nick interst in psychedelic music started back in 1998, having some uniqe memories from those golden years. His influences came from many styles that characterizes the scene. As aguitar and keybord player …Read More »

french plaisir 2

Album Review: French Plaisir 2- Complied by Drenon (Iono Music)

<Progressive> There are few labels in the Psychedelic Trance world whose sound truly emphasizes the TRANCE side of the music as much as IONO music. Behind the French Plaisir compilations is masterful DJ and producer Drenan aka Cyklones, his tasty track and selection and smooth consistent groove will remind you why you started listening to …Read More »

motion drive

Album Review: Motion Drive – In The Dirt (Iono Music)

<Progressive> IONO Music’s authentic day-time sound is portrayed through some of the top artists in the progressive dance music world. At the very forefront of this initiative you will find Swiss artist, Philip Guillaume, the mind behind progressive trance project Motion Drive. In The Dirt, as the name suggests, is a high energy flow of …Read More »