G Tronic

GTRONIC (Belgium) LIVE in South Africa

With releases out on DIM MAK, Electroluv, UTLRA and Tuff em UP Records, GTRONIC is one of the leading producers in the Electro Dance genre – his single hit release SUCKERPUNCH out on DIM MAK records has become an anthem to the scene, a must have in any bass driven DJ set. GTRONIC boasts a …Read More »


HAEZER Releases His New EP – YASI and goes on Euro Tour

HAEZER Releases His New EP – YASI Yasi was a severe tropical cyclone that made landfall in northern Queensland, Australia in the early hours of 3 February 2011. Media outlets referred to the storm as ‘what could be the state’s worst cyclone in history’. During this time, HAEZER was on tour in Australia and amidst …Read More »