urban house 1

Urban House Drum Tutorial

When it comes to Urban House, the genre needs no introduction. The ‘mzanzi’ house element is, most probably, South Africa’s biggest export; regarding music. There are a wide variety of House Music styles and among other things the drum pattern plays an important role in identifying these different forms. In this tutorial we have a …Read More »

drum and bass 1

Drum And Bass Drum Programming

It’s been a logical progression for the Breakbeat Hardcore and Rave scene from the late 80’s, evolving into something of a book full of derivative genre’s and styles. The one genre that still gets me more excited than a school girl on a sugar rush is Drum and Bass. As we all know, the DnB …Read More »

getting that sound - drum

Getting That Sound – Part 2 : The Stimming Drum Sound

We all know the Stimming sound, born in Germany and soon spread across the globe; either starting, keeping or ending of a good tech event! Martin Stimming is known for his ‘loose’ feel of rhythm and arb hits placed in smart positions. One thing we need to remember is that Stimming has an electronic drum …Read More »