DJ Qness – On Cue Vol. 3 – Soul Candi

<House> For anyone who was waiting for the new DJ Qness album they’ll attest to the fact that it was a lengthy wait. However after numerous setbacks and new release dates, the album is finally here! The question though then becomes was it well worth the wait and the answer is a definitive yes! The …Read More »

DJ Oskido

House Music’s Cash Kings of 2010

“…the deejay industry has turned a few stars into high earners but it still needs to grow as the number of these success stories remains minimal.” Have you guys ever wondered what it would be like if we in South Africa had our very own year-end Forbes list, say a Top 10 list of House Music’s cash kings (you will …Read More »

dj sox

News: New Exciting Releases For Summer 2010!!!!

It appears that this might just be the craziest summer in the last couple of years in terms of releases!!! There is lots of exciting new material that is due out soon!!! DJ Sox is coming up with a brand new album for summer, so is Black Coffee and Culoe de Song, who will release …Read More »