Tech News: Citronic MPX-10

The cutting edge Citronic MPX10 is USB DJ controller specifically designed to become the ultimate all in one DJ unit. It can be used in 3 ways eliminating the need to choose between either a PC software and MIDI controller, or the traditional two media players and a mixer set-up. Firstly, the unit can be …Read More »

traktor pro main

Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2

Raising the bar, and setting the standards. Grabbing the reigns of the DJ software market and riding off into the sunset. What Is It? Traktor Pro 2 is the latest in the line of award winning products from German software gurus Native Instruments. NI have been involved with the complexities of DJ technology since its …Read More »


Numark DJ2Go

“…if that ain’t enough goodies packed into one little stick of dynamite the DJ2Go comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE Lite Software.” What Is It? Numark’s new DJ2Go is a nifty little DJ controller designed to offer one all the basic functions required to control your DJ software without having to use the mouse and keyboard. …Read More »


Tech News: RME’s BOB-16 starts shipping

RME starts shipping three different BOB-16 breakout boxes – perfect rack solutions for interconnecting multichannel XLRs with the common D-sub connector format. The BOB-16 connects up to 16 XLR inputs and/or 16 XLR outputs (Neutrik connectors) with two D-sub 25-pin connectors. It works like two breakout cables D-Sub from/to XLR. The usual multicore breakout cables …Read More »

pioneer ddj new

Pioneer DDJ T1 and DDJ S1 Controllers

2010 was a big year for Pioneer DJ equipment as their products continued to dominate the global DJ community with a brand new range of media players and mixers. When their flagship CDJ-2000 was introduced in the latter part of 2009, this may have signaled the beginning of the end of the CD era for …Read More »

reloop mar

Reloop Contour Interface Edition

Reloop DJ Gear. It may not spark a light of familiarity in your memory banks right off the bat like some of the other better known names but that certainly does not mean it isn’t a quality product. To the contrary, this German brand was established in 1996 and professes to be ‘Europe’s leading brand …Read More »


Competition: IDM 3rd Annual Remix Competition

IDM Magazine recently concluded their 3rd Annual Remix Competition and the judging phase is now taking place. Over 240 remixes of Quentin Harris’ track, Paradise from his recent album, Sacrifice were submitted to the remix portal. With more than 50,000 visits in December ’10, over 160,000 in January ’11 and more than 55,000 in February …Read More »

samson studio gt

Samson Studio GT

All in one innovation, just add computer What Is It? Well if we start with the premise that most studios contain similar pieces of equipment regardless of its specific function we arrive to the conclusion that all studios will run off a computer using software that requires a decent audio card connected to a set …Read More »

ableton & serato

Tech News: Ableton And Serato Present : The Bridge

THE BRIDGE lets you record your Serato DJ performances as Ableton Live Sets, and lets you play Ableton Live Sets with your turntables or CDJ’s. Perform your beats: Drag your Ableton Set onto a “deck” in Scratch Live, then use the deck to control Ableton Live‘s tempo and playback. Ableton View: Live‘s Session View shows …Read More »