RayDizz and DJ Rob Macson of Zimbabwe partner up

RayDizz and DJ Rob Macson of Zimbabwe partner up RayDizz and DJ Rob Macson of Zimbabwe partner up on the remix of track ‘If Found Please Return To Harare’. DJ Rob Macson and RayDizz’ ‘If Found Please Return To Harare’ track remix is a highly energetic house, electro, and dancehall medley. The interestingly title track …Read More »

Schlachthofbronx: BASS, Ghetto Tech & Airhorns

“Here in Munich, Germany, Schlachthof is the meat packing district. We just decided on the name once, when we had a beer and failed to switch to a more tongue friendly one afterwards.” Are you into the sexy kind of eclectic, gyrating electronic music that thumps with BASS heavy richness? If yes, then you love …Read More »

Interview: BIG FOOT – Noisy Bass Foot Steps at the CTEMF

You’d be hard-pressed to find anybody in town who’s not yet heard of digital dub frontrunner 7ft Soundsystem or Big Space‘s funky, explorative house ventures. Now the two have joined at the hip to form the genre-spanning chimera known as BIG FOOT, and they’ve got their sights set on leaving many a colossal print behind …Read More »

Miguel Migs

Album Review: The System Ft. Capleton – Miguel Migs

Artist: Miguel Migs Title: The System feat. Capleton Remixes: Rob Garza, Rob Paine (Thievery Corporation), Petalpusher & Mad Professor Record Label: OM Records Genre: House, Dub, Dancehall Release Date: 27th Feb 2012 Miguel Migs has always stood at the forefront of electronic music’s soulful realm. His original productions or remixes have always had more than …Read More »


Wretch 32 – Black and White (Just Music)

<Hip Hop> Tottenham local, Wretch 32, was previously a grime mc known for his mixtapes that reflect raw masculine energy. With Black and White he now breaks out with this chart topping, commercial, smooth and sultry Hip Hop style that reflects a sense of personal growth in both the lyrics and composition. He successfully bridges …Read More »

asian dub

Album Review: Asian Dub Foundation – A History of Now

<Rapcore, dub, dancehall, ragga> In short, the Asian Dub Foundation does a damn fine job of blending ska, dub, dancehall, ragga and some punk into an energetic stream of bounce-inducing noise. They utilise trusted techniques of each of these aforementioned disciplines in a manner that feels effortless and have produced a record that compels the …Read More »