Rinkadink kooki kaboo

Rinkadink – An interview for psytrance headz

“Dance music never stays the same, it’s always in flux, it’s also made in response to the dancefloor. I no longer see breakdowns and builds as gimmicks” Back in the late 90’s or was it early 2,000’s (it’s all a bit of psychedelic blur), Rinkadink was one of the first South African producers to compose psytrance that …Read More »

korg volca feature image

Korg’s new Volca Series

Ah the Korg Volca series… When Korg first introduced the first of their pocket sized gadgets, such as the Kaossilator, the Mini Kaoss Pad and their Nano Series (NanoPad, NanoKeys and NanoKontrol) I’m not sure if even they knew just what a hit these pieces of gear would be with travelling DJs and producers worldwide. …Read More »

The Fogshow

Redseat QnA: The Fogshow

When you find yourself on an outdoor dancefloor at 4AM on a bitterly cold night the music had better be good to keep you there. The Fogshow, a DJ duo hailing from Cape Town have found their way onto some pretty good festival lineups of late and their Saturday night closing set from 4-5AM at Rocking the …Read More »

sad paradise slider

Broken Toy becomes Sad Paradise

How do you address an artist with four producer names on the go? By his name of course! In this case it’s James ‘Jimmy’ Copeland, one of Cape Town’s most gifted producers and performers. From his earliest tracks back in time… 2002 if memory serves me correctly, Jimmy has had an intangible knack for writing …Read More »



Never content to rest, Cape Town’s longest and most loved indoor psy trance brand LABYRINTH (or LAB as it is most affectionately know) has returned to celebrate a mind-melting 8 years of psy! Join in the celebrations on Saturday 25 May 2013 at Trinity in Cape Town! This marks LABYRINTH’s third year at Cape Town’s …Read More »


{psy.ology} Necessary Roughness EP Launch Party

Celebrate the launch of  {psy.ology} 3rd EP – Necessary Roughness produced by the legendary BROKEN TOY with a remix from the new kid on the block DELIRIANT. They are also featuring 3 acts from Cape Town who have released tracks on {psy.ology} Full Line-Up ENTRANCE ● R100 / Members R80 / R80 before 9pm ● R80 …Read More »

Origin 4

Origin 4 – Compiled by Regan – (Nano Records)

<Psytrance> Many moons ago… well actually 10 years ago, back in 2002, Nano Records launched in South Africa as one of a small handful of labels dedicated to producing psytrance. That first release called Emergence was significant for several reasons, the most notable being the production quality standard they were able to achieve at a …Read More »

Interview: A Little Bit More than A STEREOTYPE!

Cape Town based Mark Valsecchi and Byron Kleb aka STEREOTYPE are part of the explosive Progressive Psy-Tech movement sweeping outdoor festival Electronic Music in SA. Together they form the DJ/ Producer team that is kick-pumping out some of South Africa’s newest and sexiest Progressive Psy-Tech. When you find yourself ear treating on their tunes expect …Read More »


Interview: Broken Jimmy a man who swings both ways…

“…it’s really what I consider earning your right to party, no matter the cost or how wrong it seems.” Imagine being given a demo on a TDK tape. I imagine some of you reading this may not even know what a TDK D90 tape is! The year was somewhere around 2000/2001 I think. The name …Read More »