Album Review: X-Noize – Clockwize (Hommega)

<Psytrance> X-Noize are Barak Argaman and Nadav Bonen from Tel-Aviv, Israel. These musically maturing artists know how to make tunes with style, charisma and lasting power. This album blends the sounds of psychedelic and progressive trance into a perfect melting pot of sounds and feelings. The silky smooth and echoey harmonies combine with smooth bass …Read More »

various artists jan

Album Review: Various Atrists _ Boomerang (Mindcultivation)

<Psytrance> Boomerang is a very interesting concept, an album commemorating a New Year’s party (by MindCultivation) about to take place in South Africa. Well let me rather say an alternative electronic trance party, as there are so many psytrance parties this year. The album has an “intro” (warm up artist) and “outro” (wind down artist) …Read More »

beach atmosphere

Album Review: V.A. – Beach Atmosphere (Lono)

Hot off the press comes this new collection of tracks sourced from some of the progressive melting pots around the globe. DJ Jensson has been a long-term conspirator with IONO music in the development of cutting edge outdoor dance music.


Album Review: Kaya Project – Desert Phase – Remixes (Interchill)

Kaya Project produces beautiful, dreamy world music with a twist. The remixes disc takes their recent accomplished album and gives it the remix treatment courtesy of some top world and psychedelic dub producers such as Trypswitch, Liquid Stranger, Eat Static, Gaudi, Bluetech and more. Expect, dub, tripped out ambient, dubstep and all things in between.


Album Review: Miza – Moon dancing (David Gresham Records)

<Urban House> Moon Dancing serves up 10 super slick, smoothly mixed vocal house tracks that are deep and soulful. Produced by Nutty Nys (and Miza) and engineered by Nys too, there’s no arguing the quality of the music. Miza’s voice suits the laid back easy going, dreamy grooves overlaid liberally with jazzy Rhodes chord stabs …Read More »

dj fora

Album Review: DJ Fora – With Love (Fora Productions)

<Urban House> If you’ve been reviewing dance music for as long as I have the alarm bells would start ringing when you receive an album whose DJ name and label name are the same.  It’s all too easy these days to simply decide to make a dance music album and then release it – a …Read More »

flash republic

Album Review: Flash Repulic – Killer Moves (Just Music)

<Dance/Pop/Rock> “…the bitches, the parties, the drugs and the bands. The DJ’s the boozers, the thugs and the lads. The late night 3 day bender…” – Lyrics to opening track In The Name of Dance all but sums up the semi-trashy, pseudo rock image that Flash Republic have been nurturing for several years now. Killer …Read More »