Steve Lawler’s new world tour concept – LIFE, launching May 12th in New York

With a lengthy career deeply entwined in UK electronic music culture, Steve Lawler has announced his new world tour concept, carving yet a deeper place in the consciousness of the house music movement that plans to leave a unique mark of individuality throughout 2012.

Since its conception back in 2011, LIFE is a project that has certainly been a long time in the making. This year sees Steve Lawler taking things back to its original organic roots, presenting a unique and raw choice of locations from disused buildings, outdoors areas and unconventional spaces. Starting in New York these are carefully and painstakingly selected venues spread widely across some of the world’s most captivating cities.

Steve will travel to New York on May 12th to play host at an exceptional location, a unique outdoor space quite literally housed in a labyrinth of industrial shipping containers – downtown Brooklyn’s new and exciting community destination Dekalb Market.

Steve started out organizing some of the seminal early 90’s illegal raves, and later went on to residencies at Cream in Liverpool, Space in Ibiza and Twilo New York while touring the world extensively. Playing several different warehouse parties closer to home in the UK towards the end of 2011, has really inspired him to collaborate with promoters across the globe and assemble the LIFE concept.

“The only way you could really hear acid house and techno back in the day was to visit pretty bizarre locations and as I was part of that scene. Now 22 years down the line I’d love to something like that again but on a much better scale…”

LIFE see’s Steve Lawler fusing his enduring love of house music over the past two decades with a production and DJ style that walks a line between upfront sounds for main rooms and tough, percussive underground grooves for dark warehouses.

“The idea of playing in a disused mansion, a forest or a naval boat for example really takes me back to when I first started my career as a DJ when I used to throw illegal party’s underneath motorways, or in a disused monastery which I did back in the early 90’s. These party’s were about nothing but having a good time jacking under the beautiful groove of house music, somewhere away from the glitz and glamour of night clubs and disco balls. Somewhere to get down and dirty without a care in the world..”

Forget shoddily crafted, luridly painted venues.

“The most important thing for me was to do this properly not about anything else but the quality of the shows and the venue’s we find giving people something a little different to what there used to. After playing almost every club and festival on the planet I would like to experiment in this once again but this time with much better organisation and sound and this time across the globe”

Hugely respectful of house music’s past Steve Lawler’s lays out 2012 pushing its traditions in new and unexpected directions, breathing LIFE into unusual non-club environments full to the brim with anticipation, excitement and energy.


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