SA’s first hip hop crew Black Noise is back

Black Noise was the first hip hop crew to emerge out of South Africa, way back in 1988 when they were created from the remainder of break-dancers from 1982. This year sees the 25th anniversary of the legendary founders.

To celebrate, Black Noise has dropped a new single, ‘Black Is Back,’ which features the stunning Nikki Autumn on vocals and Dale Costa Fortune on the songs production and video. In addition, Black Noise is also currently recording a new album.

Emile YX?, ( the anchor of Black Noise is on his 3rd season of the popular TV series ‘Step Up Or Step Out’, while also working on a book about the history of Hip Hop in Cape Town. New members DJ Madfingaz and Jean-Pierre contribute a fresh approach to the crew. DJ Madfingaz is a 20 year hip hop veteran that recently won the GHFM’s SMOOTHIES DJ competition and does a weekly live mix on GHFM’s drive show. Jean-Pierre holds numerous commercial radio hits under his belt.

Black Noise first Major gig will be at the Jolly Carp next to Princess Vlei, on the 28th of September 2013 to assist the Princess Vlei Forum to raise funds for the legal teams fight against the building of a mall on the banks of this fragile wetland.

Check out Black Noise’s discography here.

SA’s first hip hop crew Black Noise is back

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