VCMG – Ssss (Mute/Just Music)

<Techno> VCMG stands for Vince Clarke and Martin Gore; for more info on the duo check out our music news on Pg. 13. A collaborative side project for the twosome, Ssss is filled with phat, analogue, synth driven techno-trance and it’s this actual analogue sound, along with the arrangements, that gives the album a somewhat oldskool feel. Witness first track, Lowly, a slow brooding opener that would not be out of place on a late 90’s techno/house album. Track 2, Zaat, picks up the pace a little with a really cool bouncy, tech vibe and once again sounds like something I would have played in the late 90’s and things pretty much continue in this vein throughout. The thing is Ssss is actually a great album. The ideas are solid, one can listen to the entire record from beginning to end without getting bored and the production is top drawer. But it is quite far off from what seasoned DJ’s who know how to work dancefloors are doing these days, as there are no dramatic builds, short 2,4 & 8 bar loops, rising synths or any of the other production tricks modern dancefloors are responding to. So whilst fans and aficionados (me included) may love the album it’ll take a smart (or brave?) DJ to find a place in his/her set for these tracks. Conclusion: Ssss is absorbing techno to listen to and proof that well written music outscores clever production tricks any day of the week.

Review: Dave Mac <<<Editors PICK>>>


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