Track Review: Nastee Nev ft Afrotraction

Album: A Gift of Dance

Title: Uyazi

Producer: Nastee Nev ft Afrotraction

Genre: House/ Afro House/ Deep House

Record Label: DO IT NOW Records

Release Date: August 2011

The composition on this one is great. The vocalist taps his voice lightly across the instruments, causing a seamless flow that’s hard to ignore.

I closed my eyes and listened again to the vocals. I liked it more. It came across even more contemporary and clear. It manifested more than just Deep House; it became kind of eclectic and sexy, not just jazzy. The vocals make it an easy-to-love clean track making the whole composition spicier.

Nastee Nev has stayed true to his trademark sound in this one. He’s maintained his flair for expressive and soulful sounds. The lyrics touch on emotions like love and the assurance one needs in a relationship. This offering will definitely be loved by urban ‘Commercial House’ lovers.

‘Uyazi’ is a good track. It’s upbeat and hard to forget. I’m certain it will be played in cars and in clubs purely because it’s a catchy tune and it is easy to dance to. It’s a crowd pleaser that makes people tap their feet and acknowledge it, but nevertheless it doesn’t tickle my taste buds all the way.

It’s like a croissant with no butter; it’s still really tasty, but the butter would have taken it to a distinctive level. With that said, music is food for the soul and this track serves as an appetizer, but an enjoyable one, nonetheless.

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