Album Review: Nerso – Exploration of Infinity – TesseractStudio

The man behind the project Nerso is Dragan Matic from Serbia. He is well known for previous collaborations, especially with Flegma and has also worked with several artists to include E-Clip, Sideform, Iva and Middle Mode to present this, his debut album called Exploration of Infinity. There’s certainly no clowning around here as this progressive bomb takes you on a journey to the more serious side of progressive trance. This is deep stuff but without the music ever getting too dark. The nine tracks will send you audio surfing on the full power rolling bass waves and breaking into tubes of sonic delight. Creating emotion with tactful sound placing, his tech influenced signature surfaces through with each composition to present a solid collection of tunes. Exploration of Infinity is masterfully produced with particular attention paid to the detail of each sonically manipulated sound. This much anticipated disc should meet all expectations and is guaranteed to fulfil your desire for quality progressive trance music.

Nerso – Exploration of infinity (ALBUM samples) by Nerso

Reviewed by Jos


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