Interview: Tony Finger By Romy Hi-Hat

Interview Tony Finger By Romy Hi-Hat

Tony Finger is an Italian born, world stage gracing, and now, Cape Town based Electro House producer and DJ. He has made an impression in cities like Paris, London, Moscow and Ibiza and decided several years ago to make the Mother City his base. He also hosts a radio show on MUTHA FM every Monday between 20:00 & 22:00. We talk about his latest release, his recent Ibiza trip and why he reckons there should be no more cheese for the mouse.

Tell us about the creative concept behind your latest release This is Not a Goodbye?

This is my latest release on my label, Touch it Records. Behind the title is my trip to Ibiza this year although it was not a goodbye as I will be back soon. The track was inspired by Ibiza and the magic of the music you can hear on the white island.

Of all your countless nights at PACHA in Ibiza, which one stands out the most when I say the word… ‘insane?’

The most memorable one then must be the Masquerade Motel with Swedish House Mafia, starting from Cafe Mambo for their pre-party in St. Antonio straight back to Pacha. The party was amazing, the music was stunning and the reaction of people in the club was so crazy. But also I had the chance to chat with the men themselves, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso.

The beaches in Ibiza are notorious for the displays of hot sun kissed bodies. How would you sum up the picturesque view you got to see as a daily norm?

Yes many of them are lying roasting in the sun on the beach, sipping cocktails and showing off that Hot Body (that kind of reminds me of our Camps Bay beaches during summer) … that’s the party island and that’s the ideal life one could think of (if you like to party of course). Ibiza was fun, sun, party and business.

I’m just curious and you can call me the cat in this instance. Please tell us who is the mouse and why isn’t he getting any cheese? I am of course referring to another one of your latest releases on PACHA Recordings Inc. ‘No cheese for the mouse’.

Well the track actually was referring to the Mau5 himself [Deadmau5] … I couldn’t use the real name as it would not be right. Joel is a very talented artist. I do love and respect his music. So basically that’s where the idea started from… No more cheese for the Mouse / Mau5 in a rhetoric sense.

What do you think the SA Dance scene is lacking as far as drawing crowds to the right parties?

That is a good question; I wish I had the magical answer. South Africa (Cape Town) has been my home base for the past 6 years and I must say in the last 2 years things have changed drastically. Everybody is complaining but nobody is doing. I think we need to have more promoters that know what to do. Club owners to be more open to risk, not only playing commercial music. There are lots of people that have different tastes and don’t want to listen to the same Radio Hits over and over. I personally struggle when I go out to find a decent place where I can have fun and listen to some great music. In Ibiza I was in Heaven. Why can it work there in Ibiza and not here? I am busy planning some Pacha Recordings parties here for the coming summer, so if anybody is interested to be involved as a sponsor for the events, contact me.

I have to ask… How wide and glorious is your collection of PACHA T-shirts?

[Laughs] Not that huge but I have a couple of them. I’m waiting for some more to be shipped over here. I do still prefer my simple black one with the Cherry on it. A classic Pacha Ibiza T-shirt.

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