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Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2

Raising the bar, and setting the standards. Grabbing the reigns of the DJ software market and riding off into the sunset. What Is It? Traktor Pro 2 is the latest in the line of award winning products from German software gurus Native Instruments. NI have been involved with the complexities of DJ technology since its …Read More »

a&h db4

Allen & Heath Xone: DB4

As iconic as anything British that carries the DB letters preceding a single digit What Is It? Well in Allen & Heath’s own words its “…NOT an analog mixer! And it’s not a controller either! It’s our first fully digital DJ mixer and easily the most technologically advanced DJ product we’ve ever made.” Those are …Read More »


Numark DJ2Go

“…if that ain’t enough goodies packed into one little stick of dynamite the DJ2Go comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE Lite Software.” What Is It? Numark’s new DJ2Go is a nifty little DJ controller designed to offer one all the basic functions required to control your DJ software without having to use the mouse and keyboard. …Read More »

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One Day, One Beat Vid By Remy Gold On MPC5000

Remy Gold started out as Remington Steel in Cape Town 2002 playing Funk/Soul and Hip Hop at Asoka. He then met DJ Kenzhero who then became his DJ partner. In 2005 he went to London where he held a residency at The Absolut Ice bar. On his return to South Africa in 2009 he began …Read More »

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Pioneer DDJ T1 and DDJ S1 Controllers

2010 was a big year for Pioneer DJ equipment as their products continued to dominate the global DJ community with a brand new range of media players and mixers. When their flagship CDJ-2000 was introduced in the latter part of 2009, this may have signaled the beginning of the end of the CD era for …Read More »

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Reloop Contour Interface Edition

Reloop DJ Gear. It may not spark a light of familiarity in your memory banks right off the bat like some of the other better known names but that certainly does not mean it isn’t a quality product. To the contrary, this German brand was established in 1996 and professes to be ‘Europe’s leading brand …Read More »

cubase 6

Cubase 6

Being an avid Cubase user for the last ten years, I obviously jumped at the opportunity to review Steinberg’s latest installment in the series. Having loaded the software without a hitch, I soon realized that some people may be disappointed initially with this release. If you are already a Cubase user, it’s not the huge …Read More »

vestax vci-100

Vestax VCI-100 MK2

The Vestax VCI-100 was the first DJ Controller that made me look up and notice where the future of DJing was heading. Up to that point DJ software and indeed the handful of controllers that were available at the time were all a little rudimentary and too ‘toy-like’ to be taken seriously. The VCI-100 with …Read More »

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Traktor Kontrol S4

Native Instruments’ Next Generation Controller and DJ Software Finally I got to try out Native Instruments’ new Traktor Kontrol  S4. It’s been a long time coming simply because as the stock landed so it has sold out. What really excited me and indeed many, many people worldwide who have rushed out and bought the product is …Read More »

compounding effects

Tricks From The Pro’s 6 : Compounding Effects

Salutations and greetings IDMings! This edition’s trick comes out of doing what you’re not supposed to do. In my rounds as a mix engineer I inevitably get someone who does not do what you ask them to. In a project a while back, I was delivered “separates” (as local industry jargon goes, we used to …Read More »