Gemini SR Range of Studio Monitors

Red hot and ready to rock What Is The Gemini SR Range? By now a lot of people out there should be familiar with the Gemini brand, and I’m sure at one point most, if not all of us, have owned or played on one of their mixers. The old trusty 626 springs to mind, …Read More »


Samson Auro D412 Active 12” Speaker

What Is The Samson Auro D412 Active 12” Speaker ? The Samson Auro D412 is a 2-way active loudspeaker with about 250W of programmable power, peaking at around the 400W mark through a bi-amplified system. The speaker is optically limited to ensure that they are not going to be overdriven and there is a multi-band processor …Read More »

Domino 1

Eowave Domino Analog Synthesizer

Anatomy of the Eowave Domino Analog Synthesizer For anybody who has had the pleasure of playing with some classic 1970’s or 80’s analogue synthesizers, you will know the feeling of how much fun a synth can be to play with. All those knobs. So responsive to tweaking. And yet on the verge of all getting totally …Read More »


Pioneer DDJ Ergo Review

What Is It? The DDJ-ERGO is Pioneer’s latest foray into DJ controllers and it’s a bold move from one of the leaders in DJ equipment and a smart one at that, as it’s a move away from the strategy of high performance, premium price tag pieces of kit only. After checking out stacks of footage …Read More »


Gemini CDJ-700

Gemini DJ have been around the block and then some. Back in the 90’s their ubiquitous 626 mixer was the go-to piece of gear for anybody looking to get into DJing and now, some 15 years later (give or take) their brand new CDJ-700 has similar merits; solid performance, great feature set and a damn …Read More »

egg 1

sE Munro Egg 150 Monitoring System

The Munro Eggs are, well, egg shaped, their most striking feature but how do they sound? When it comes to studio monitors, the last name that is likely to pop into your head would be British/Chinese Microphone Company, sE Electronics. Despite this, they are a company that over the last few years has built a …Read More »

america 1

American Audio MX1400-DSP

What is the MX1400-DSP? The MX1400-DSP is a 4-channel professional analog DJ Mixer jam-packed with every conceivable feature – and then some. Built like a tank, the all metal chassis is as solid as one could hope for with every inch of the console – top fascia and back of the unit alike – used …Read More »

Alessis 1

Alesis Mic Tube Duo Stereo Tube Microphone Preamplifier

“Alesis continue catering for semi-pro musicians and engineers with the recent release of their entry level Mic Tube Duo mic preamp. While not particularly packed with features, the two channel Mic Tube Duo is one of the most affordable tube preamps around with a suggested retail price of R 1,895.” Alesis Mic Tube Anatomy The compact rectangular …Read More »


Roland UA-55 Quad-Capture Audio Interface

Roland recently updated their line of USB 2 audio interfaces aimed at those looking for pro-quality sound at home or on the go without equipment slowing them down. “Roland have really stepped things up in their audio interface department…” Roland’s designs, while great, have never been very sleek. However, the new Quad-Capture (smaller sibling to …Read More »