Tech Review: Reloop Jockey 3 Master Edition

“German precision and build quality to match…” The digital DJ market has blown up and to some extent grown up too and with so many choices these days it really is a buyer’s market. It may possibly be one of the lesser known brands in South Africa but Reloop, designed and engineered in Germany, is …Read More »


Cover Feature: Music Box By Craig De Sousa

Music Box A highly desirable Digital DJ Solution presented by Craig De Sousa “This new age of dj’ing has been the inspiration to take my performances to the next level! No more frantic looking for a track in a cd wallet. All my sets are uniquely planned with the flexibility to move with the party.” – Craig …Read More »


DJ GEAR: Ultrasone Headphones – Studio use, Gaming or for DJs

Ultrasone Headphones: Studio use, gaming or for DJs Headphones in my opinion, much like loudspeakers, are a highly subjective topic in the world of sound mainly because each individual has or her own preference to what they think is good quality audio. Naturally bad audio (distortion, tinny sound, lack of bass, ear-piercing treble) are easier to …Read More »



DJ GEAR: AMERICAN AUDIO American Audio VMS2 & Versadeck We go head to head with American Audio’s VMS2 & Versadeck VMS2 American Audios’s VMS2 is an all-in-one 2 channel DJ controller and is the baby brother to the 4-channel VMS4. Whilst the 4-channel comes bundled with either Traktor or Virtual DJ (you have the option), …Read More »


Tutorial: Production Tips

Tutorial: Production Tips Tricks from the Pro’s 8: A Hard Look at Yourself Salutations and greetings IDMings! If you haven’t started the practice of using another “pro” track to reference your productions with, now is the time to start. If you produce your own music, I’m sure you’ll have favourite artists or bands which you …Read More »