Reloop 1

RELOOP ADM-5 Active DJ loudspeakers for home use

What Is The RELOOP ADM-5? Here’s an interesting concept. DJ monitors. Yup, that’s what the box says. The ADM-5 are not studio monitors; let that be made specifically clear from the outset. So why would a DJ technology company develop a set of loudspeakers specifically for DJs? What’s wrong with a good old pair of …Read More »

Xone 1

Allen & Heath Xone K2

What Is The Allen & Heath Xone K2? The K2 is the newest and most compact addition to the Xone family of performance gear from British craftsmen Allen & Heath. If you are familiar with Allen & Heath’s range you might look at the K2 and think that it’s there to replace the Xone1D and …Read More »

Denon DJ 1

Denon SC3900

A Digital Distinction in Awesomeness What Is The Denon SC3900? The Denon SC3900 is the new top of the line Media Player and Controller from Denon DJ which replace’s the DN-SC3700. One of the biggest features on the new flagship model [carried over from the SC3700] is a 12 pole electric motor directly driving the …Read More »

Beat Thang


  “Aesthetically it has to be said that the Beat Thang is beautiful. It has a BLANG button which controls the LED lighting display which kept me amused for a few minutes.” ANATOMY OF THE BEAT THANG My first impression as I open the box and remove the Beat Thang from its packaging is that this …Read More »

Pioneer HDJ-500

Headphone Shootout

Headphones are an integral part of your DJ setup and can affect your gig as much as any other piece of tech you use To perform. Largely based on personal preference there are a number of things one needs to consider before investing in a new SET of cans. Here’s our take on a few …Read More »

gemini 1

Gemini CDJ-650

Intuitive, Elegant, Dependable What Is The Gemini CDJ-650? The Gemini CDJ-650 is touted as the replacement for the CDJ-600 and the improvements put it leagues ahead of the old CDJ-600 in its design, build and functionality. The first and most noticeable change is in the dimensions; the CDJ-650 is slimmer, trimmer and more compact (290 …Read More »


Traktor Kontrol F1 & Traktor Pro 2.5

When Native Instruments introduced the Kontrol S4 it came packaged with a special edition of Traktor Pro specifically designed for use with the controller. The key new features evolved around the ‘Sample Decks’ and the ability to record short samples on the fly. This first version, whilst totally usable, was also a little limiting in …Read More »


Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro

Mixvibes is a French technology company which built its name on their Digital Vinyl System software (MixVibes DVS) in 2003, a Timecode format and of course their Mixvibes DJ software. Recently though, they have moved into the hardware market too, hence the Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro DJ controller on review here. Notably this also includes …Read More »

AKAI MPK49 Performance Controller

AKAI MPK49 Performance Controller

  “As someone who normally uses a shorter keyboard in the studio it felt luxurious to play on this 49 key model.” Anatomy of the AKAI MPK49 Performance Controller Straight out the box I liked this big and weighty controller keyboard. It is USB bus powered so the lights came on and it was working with Ableton …Read More »


Numark N4

  “…the N4 is the typical middle child; it may struggle to differentiate itself from its bigger brother or smaller sister!” Anatomy of the Numark N4 Numark seem to release a new controller very often and currently their website boasts no less than 16 variants on this theme. Clearly they intend covering every possible type imaginable! The N4 fits …Read More »