Numark Head to Head MIXTRACK PRO VS. N4 VS. NS6

Dave Skinz looks at three of Numark’s leading contenders in the highly competitive market of DJ controllers, from entry level, to semi-pro to professional. Mixtrack Pro This is the perfect way to kick off this review, not only because of the price point, but also from a beginner’s perspective. The Mixtrack Pro has a very simple layout and …Read More »


Samson Graphite 49 – Tech Review

  A robust MIDI controller with great MIDI functionality. What Is The Samson Graphite 49? As the name suggests, the Samson Graphite 49 is an upgrade from its forerunner; the Samson Carbon 49. The Graphite offers the same 49 semi-weighted, velocity sensitive keys with the addition of aftertouch (a nice little bonus) and has nearly …Read More »

Samson i pad

Samson Carbon 49

A simple, sleek white MIDI controller with an integrated iPad slot. What Is The Samson Carbon 49? The Samson Carbon 49 is a simplistic and stylish white USB powered MIDI controller that looks like something made by Apple; simple, clean and easy on the eye. It even comes with a slot for your iPad which further …Read More »


AKAI Synthstation 49

Analogue meets digital with a MIDI controller specifically designed for the iPad. What Is The AKAI Synthstation 49? The AKAI Synthstation 49 is the first MIDI controller to be fully customized to work with the iPad. Working seamlessly with the Synthstation app, the device offers a palette of customizable drum samples and synths. It has …Read More »

maschine 2

Maschine 2 – Native Instruments

Groove box for a digital age What Is The Native Instruments Maschine 2? Let me start by saying that there is no way I could fit all the info and nuances of a device like Maschine into this article, so please excuse me if I leave something you deem important out. Maschine is Native Instruments …Read More »


TerminalMix 2 – Reloop

A Pro DJ controller at a very competitive price. What Is The Reloop TerminalMix 2? The Reloop TerminalMix 2 – on review here – and TerminalMix 4 are the German manufacturer’s newest 2 and 4 deck all-in-one DJ controllers. Designed for use with Serato DJ Intro software which comes packaged with the units, both have …Read More »


Denon DN-SC2900

Pro performer with a digital tune up that’s sure to eclipse the field What Is The Denon DN-SC2900 ? Hot on the heels of the SC3900, Denon have launched the SC2900 Media Player which at first glance looks pretty close to the aforementioned apart for one major thing; the SC-2900 has a brand new fixed platter …Read More »

Numark DJ Gear 2

Numark 4TRAK

What Is The Numark 4TRAK? The 4TRAK is a four channel MIDI controller and mixer from Numark that is built to manipulate Native Instruments’ Traktor Pro DJ software. Those familiar with the Numark range will see the similarities between the NS6 and the 4TRAK; the aforementioned is shipped with Serato however and the 4TRAK ships …Read More »


Headphone Shootout

Part Two of our Headphone Shootout (you didn’t really think that was all the headphones we could find in the last issue did you?) sees us feature more brands and models available in South Africa. This time however, we also look at studio headphone options as well as some more DJ headphones. DJ Headphones Gemini …Read More »