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Creating your own gated verbs Part 2

Hey there all you IDM readers, in this tutorial we will be taking a closer look at creating your very own gated reverb used highly by sound designers and producers. A good example of a gated verb effect is listen to the drums on Phil Collins hit single “Air Tonight”, where a large amount of …Read More »

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SYLENTH Talking synth Effect Tutorial

So far, I’ve covered making a standard bass patch and a lead in Sylenth. Sticking with the classics, here’s how to make a talking synth effect which can be used as a lead or just as a drone that sounds great with delay too. There are a few different ways to achieve this effect – …Read More »

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Creative Gating and Side-chaining Part 1

This issue we take a unique look at using a gate in a few more creative ways then just your normal gating, such as Reverb gating, gated patterns as well as Side-chaining gates. Firstly what is a gate? Well a gate is simply an electronic device or software that allows a signal to pass through …Read More »

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James Copeland aka Broken Toy, Super Evil and Sad Paradise is one of SA’s leading international psytrance producers. Known for his wicked basslines and twisted leads, Copeland takes us through the steps of creating a ‘Hoover’ type lead certain to get your productions rocking… One of the standard psytrance or hard dance sounds is the …Read More »

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Professional Vocal Production – Part 3

Greetings fellow IDM readers. This is our follow up tutorial dealing with Professional vocal production (part 3). Hope you enjoy! Comping vocals for the perfect take Okay, let’s say we are working with a big vocal session and the vocalist has done more than one track on multiple channels. What’s next? Well, we are now …Read More »

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Professional Vocal Production – Part 2

Greetings fellow IDM readers. I hope winter is keeping us indoors and recording those great hits to come! This is our follow up online tutorial dealing with Professional vocal production (part 2 with part 3 to follow). Hope you enjoy! The Proximity Effect / Micing distance The closer the vocalist is to a directional microphone …Read More »

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Professional Vocal Production – Part 1

We are back with yet another interesting tutorial for you to sink your creative teeth into. This time I want to touch on getting the current pure, clean, in-your-face vocal sound that is very popular in top productions right now. In this three part tutorial I’m going to take you through: Microphones, the proximity effect, …Read More »

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Creating a Psytrance Bass Patch on Sylenth1

Sylenth1 is a great synth for making quick and easy 16th note psytrance basslines. Although I feel it lacks the funk and character that longer or slower notes require, its clean, defined sound is perfect for tight 145IDM basslines and beyond. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to get up and running. …Read More »

The foundation of A kick in your mix

The foundation of A kick in your mix

With this tutorial I want to look at the foundation of a good kick drum in your mix. This is part 1 of the 3 part tutorial. When I say “the foundation of a good kick in your mix” I mean the following elements : choosing the right kicks for your song, how to layer …Read More »

foyk part 2 fig1

The foundation of a kick in your mix. Part 2

Good day fellow IDM readers. This is the part 2 continuation of the article called “The Foundation of a kick in your mix”. What we are going to focus on in part 2 is the second step of getting your kick to sound the way it should sound once we have chosen the correct kicks …Read More »