Boss RC505

No. 1 Vox Looper

Boss RC 505 – Hands-On Looper for Modern Performers

Known more for their guitar based effects units, Boss take a step closer to the EDM market with the release of the RC 505 Loop Station. Unlike most floor-based foot pedal loopers which are aimed at instrumentalists, this is the first tabletop loop station and is aimed more towards beat boxers, vocalists and EDM producers but also …Read More »

Alessis 1

Alesis Mic Tube Duo Stereo Tube Microphone Preamplifier

“Alesis continue catering for semi-pro musicians and engineers with the recent release of their entry level Mic Tube Duo mic preamp. While not particularly packed with features, the two channel Mic Tube Duo is one of the most affordable tube preamps around with a suggested retail price of R 1,895.” Alesis Mic Tube Anatomy The compact rectangular …Read More »